Performance-Security Trade-off Modeling and Optimization on Networked Control System



Project Description:

Since Networked Control Systems (NCS) are vulnerable to various network attacks when the network used is insecure, they need to be well protected by security mechanisms from the malicious attackers on the Internet, which may sacrifice its performance due to limited system resources. Thus, there is a need to address the issue of the trade-off between NCS security and its real-time performance.

Using the networked DC Motor system as a typical example, we have developed a trade-off model for performance and security on NCS. This model can be used to adapt security configurations to provide sufficient protection and satisfy real-time dynamic performance requirements of the NCS simultaneously. The construction of this model includes the development of a set of metrics to quantitatively measure the performance and security levels of NCS and the development of a trade-off objective function incorporating performance and security. We have also established a framework of performance-security trade-off optimization based on Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithm (CGA) for the networked DC motor system. Simulations and experiments have shown that CGA is an effective approach for performance-security trade-off analysis and optimization on NCS.