Secure Distributed Control in Networked Control Systems
Dr. Mo-Yuen Chow, Wente Zeng

Secure distributed control project

Project Description:

While most Networked Control systems (NCS) have been safe in the past, they are increasingly more vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks and malwares (e.g. Stuxnet and Flame) with the rapid advancements and uses with networking, embedded systems, wireless communication technologies, and novel control strategies. In particular, more and more distributed control algorithms are being used in NCS because of their flexibility, robustness, computation, and communication features. These algorithms, however, increase the vulnerability of NCS to malicious cyber attacks. Thus, there is an urgent growing concern to protect control algorithms from malicious cyber attacks.

In this project, we have considered the fundamental task of reaching an agreement (i.e., consensus) among a group of agents via secure distributed computations in NCS. We have explored the vulnerabilities of a variety of distributed control algorithms and designed secure distributed control methodologies that are capable of performing secure consensus computation in the presence of misbehaving agents in NCS. We will further examine the proposed algorithms in three different scenarios: one misbehaving agent, multiple non-colluding misbehaving agents, and multiple colluding misbehaving agents. Our ultimate goal is to develop secure distributed control and management algorithms and analytic frameworks for NCS. Also, in order to analyze the performance of our theoretical design on a real-world problem, we will examine and evaluate the proposed techniques in intelligent transportation systems and Smart Grid operations.